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Wheat Field

Agricultural Cost Share

Helping finance the cost of conservation practices to make experimenting with new practices easier and more rewarding for producers. Schedule a time to talk about your plan with us!

See Our Payout Rates and Apply Today!

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Now Funding:

Cover Crops

Non-Cash crops planted after main crop; $35 per acre plus additional bonuses for multi-species, early establishment, and no till implementation.

CRP Buffer Strip Bonus

Financial incentive for the implementation of vegetative buffer strips between fields and waterways through the Conservation Reserve Program; $100 bonus per acre.

Other USDA Practices

Other conservation practices that improve soil health or water quality will also be considered case-by-case.


Growing crops without disturbing the soil; $20 per acre.

Equipment Lease, Purchase or Modification

Assistance renting, buying or modifying current equipment to allow for conservation practices; 75% of total cost, examples: roller-crimper, coulter replacement, etc.

MAEAP Verification Requirements

Assistance for achieving MEAEP Verifications; 100% for fuel pads, 75% for any other requirement up to $5000.

For more information, questions or to submit an application contact:

Emily Brown
Soil Conservation Technician
Phone: (269) 941-6165

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