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Gun River Sediment Reduction

Project Description

Did you know Allegan County has over 35 rivers and streams as well as 16 lakes? That’s why we have multiple projects where we try to improve water quality and prevent water pollution. One of these projects is our Gun River Sediment Reduction Project!


We have partnered with Great Lakes Commission to fund* agricultural conservation practices that reduce the transportation of sediment and nutrients to the waterways of the Gun River watershed. These practices include cover crops, no till, reduced tillage, and filter strips. 

*Enrollment for this program has ended.

Purpose and Background
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Area of the Gun River Watershed

When it rains, water runs across and through pavement in urban areas and soil on farms. As that water flows, it picks up tons of sediment and nutrients eventually flowing into our lakes and streams. Excess sediments and nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, contribute to decreases in water clarity and the formation of harmful algal blooms. These harmful algal blooms can cause dead zones in water where there is no oxygen available for fish and other aquatic species, resulting in economic and environmental losses. 


Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent runoff in agricultural settings! The best way to prevent nutrients from entering waterways is to prevent soil erosion. Cover crops, no till, reduced tillage, and filter strips all have their own way of preventing erosion.


If you’re interested in learning more about these practices, click the links below:

Cover Crops

Conservation Tillage

Buffer & Filter Strips

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