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Rainscaping in the Macatawa Watershed

Project Description

Allegan Conservation District has subcontracted with the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council (MACC) to provide technical assistance on their rainscaping program in the Macatawa Watershed. The MACC and partners at ODC Network, Holland BPW and the Holland Hope College Sustainability Institute are developing a rainscaping program in the Macatawa Watershed. This program is modeled after Grand River Rainscaping, an LGROW Program. The MACC has worked closely with LGROW staff to honor this program while adapting it to the Macatawa Watershed. A Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant awarded to the MACC in early 2020 is helping to fund program development.

What is Rainscaping?

Rainscaping is a method of watershed restoration that uses practices to manage rain water where it falls. The Macatawa Rasincaping program promotes awareness and implementation of these practices among homeowners, landscapers, and contractors. The program highlights both the benefits of these practices and the skills required for installation.

Some rainscaping practices are also referred to as green stormwater infrastructure. This is a broader term encompassing many more practices that manage rain water where it falls. Rainscaping practices are a subset that can be easily used at home. They include:

  • Rain barrels

  • Rain gardens

  • Native plants

  • Tree planting

  • Riparian buffers


These practices help manage rain water where it falls while improving water quality, providing wildlife habitat and enhancing aesthetics. To learn more about the program, sign up to be a volunteer, or if you are interested in installing rainscaping practices, visit the project site on the MACC website

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