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The Allegan Conservation District is dedicated to helping all land users wisely manage the natural resources of Allegan County. We strive to achieve this in an economically feasible way through working partnerships to sustain the natural resources for future generations.


The Allegan Conservation District is a unique local unit of State Government, that utilizes state, federal, and private sector resources to solve today’s conservation problems. The guiding philosophy of the Allegan Conservation District is that decisions on conservation issues should be made at the local level, by local people.

Created to serve as stewards of natural resources, the Allegan Conservation District takes an ecosystem approach to conservation and protection. Conservation Districts are referred to as “gateways” in our local community. We provide linkages between land managers and a host of conservation service providers that include state, federal and local governments, conservation organizations, and Internet resources. The District continually scans the needs of our community, work in partnership with others involved in conservation to set local priorities, and develop action plans to solve natural resource problems. The delivery of these efforts by District allows citizens to manage their private lands for a cleaner, healthier Michigan. It allows the public a point of access in their communities when questions arise on how to manage natural resources.

For more information on Michigan Conservation Districts visit the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts webpage at

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