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Conservation Dictionary 

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There are a variety of conservation practices farmers and landowners can implement. Depending on the land usage and production of commodities, conservation practices can be applied to best suit the needs of the land, farm, and decision makers. ACD will work with you to best fit your land goals.

Humans live in tandem with local wildlife. Wildlife relies on the same land humans use for recreation, farming, commuting and living. Learn more about the impact humans have on wildlife, and best practices to strengthen this relationship.

Whether you live in an urban city or a rural township, you live in a watershed. The quality of the water we drink, use to irrigate our farms, and the water used as wildlife habitat is directly affected by how we manage and respect local watersheds. Protecting watersheds is a priority.

Soil is alive. It is home to billions of microorganisms, bacteria, invertebrates, plants and animals. The healthier the soil, the healthier crop production, plants, air, water and livelihoods will be. Learn more about various soil properties, and how we can work to protect western Michigan soils. 

Michigan and Allegan County are homes to many plant, animal, and invertebrate species. Some of these species play vital roles in ecosystems, but others can wreak havoc on farms and habitats. Learn more about how to identify native and invasive species, and what to keep an eye out for. 

Do you want to participate in conservation efforts but aren't sure where to start? Explore here for ideas on how you can become an environmental  steward in your own backyard, or on the ground beneath your feet. These age appropriate activities allow opportunities for the whole family to get involved!

Welcome to the Conservation Dictionary. Allegan Conservation District has a variety of conservation priorities and goals. Click on each priority to explore the topics and to learn more. 

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