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Forestry Programs are designed to promote forest resource stewardship by providing support and resources to landowners with forested property. Through the two programs, we aim to reach landowners who are interested in learning to manage their forested areas, or who are interested in receiving benefits for continuing to manage their forests and woodlands.

The Forestry Assistance Program can provide guidance on topics concerning: 

Forestry Assistance Program

The Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) is designed to provide an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in actively managing their forested property. Your FAP District Forester (Ben Savoie) helps citizens understand, plan, manage, protect, and utilize their forest resources through various avenues of information, education, and outreach. All services are at no cost to the landowner, and provide an excellent initial contact between conservation professionals and landowners. We aim to promote forest resource stewardship on private lands in local communities by introducing landowners to forest management and setting them up to achieve their management goals. 

- General forest management

- Timber harvesting

- Forest Ecology

- Cost share programs

- Tree and shrub planting

- Forest health/disease

- Improving & Creating Wildlife Habitat

Qualified Forest Program

The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) provides a property tax exemption for private landowners who actively manage their forests and woodlands for commercial harvest, wildlife habitat enhancement, and improvement of other non-forest resources. The goal of the program is to encourage sustainable forest management, and to fuel regional economies through timber harvest and individual tax savings.

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Parcels must be 20 acres or larger.​

  2. Parcels from 20-39 acres must be a least 80 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  3. Parcels from 40-640 acres must be at least 50 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  4. A forest management plan is required for the parcels being enrolled.


For questions, more information, or to get started with your land management project, contact our District Forester

Ben Savoie

District Forester

Allegan, Barry, and Ottawa Counties

(269) 908-4134 

Monthly Forestry Logs

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