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For Landowners

The Allegan Conservation District offers a variety of programs and services for landowners to help promote stewardship and conserve our county's natural resources.

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Invasive Species Treatment

The Allegan Conservation District is able to provide technical assistance, identification, and control of small populations of non-native terrestrial invasive species via the Invasive Species Strike Team.

Black Soil

Funded Programs

Check to see what grant funded opportunities we have available that your land may be eligible for.

Image by Brice Cooper

Tree & Plant Identification

Call or stop by the Allegan Conservation District with any questions you have about identification of trees, plants, wildlife, or anything in nature. 

Aspen Regen - 1 year progress (6).jpg


Forestry Programs are designed to promote forest resource stewardship by providing support and resources to landowners with forested property. 


Dune Vegetation Removal

The Allegan Conservation District is ready to help you get the documentation you need prior to removing dune vegetation. If you need a permit we can help. 

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