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Habitat Health

Conserving Habitats

As the human population continues to grow, wildlife and their habitats become increasingly encroached upon and impacted. Landowners can play a role in restoring and conserving natural habitats.

Types of habitat in Allegan County:
How humans and wildlife benefit from preserving habitats:
  • creeks, streams, rivers, lakes

  • riparian zones, wetlands

  • grasslands, prairie, oak savanna

  • sand dunes 

  • forests 

  • clean drinking and irrigation water

  • safe spawning and nesting areas, ensuring fishing and hunting opportunities

  • provides recreational activities

  • shelter, timber resources

  • natural beauty

  • protection against extreme weather events 

What species benefit from protecting the natural habitats in Allegan County? 

There are simply too many to list. Western Michigan has an incredibly diverse biodiversity. This diversity is unique to the habitats and ecosystems that are present here. Every native species plays a role in natural ecosystems, and their success is determined entirely by the health of its habitat, and its relationship with other species in the same habitat. 

Learn more about Michigan's native species 

Brook Trout

Photo Courtesy of Jay Fleming

Brook Trout
American Bullfrog

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia 

American Bullfrog
Whitetail Deer

Photo Courtesy of National Parks Service

White-tailed Deer
American Bumble Bee

Photo Courtesy of US Forest Service

American Bumble Bee
Monarch Butterfly

Photo Courtesy of National Parks Service

Monarch Butterfly

Photo Courtesy of National Parks Service

Downy Woodpecker

What is Allegan Conservation District doing to conserve wildlife habitat?

Allegan Conservation District works with landowners to help them make decisions that work best for the resources on their property and the habitat the landowner is trying to protect. Click below to see our projects, the benefits these projects have on habitat conservation, and how you can get involved.

Allegan Conservation District Projects

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