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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Laura Smith, District Manager


MAEAP Technician of the Year

MIKE LUDLAM, Allegan Conservation District’s MAEAP Technician was nominated for the “Technician of the Year 2020” during our annual MACD Fall/Winter Virtual Convention. Mike’s willingness to share his expertise and experiences with up and coming conservationists won him the title this year. He is a leader in his field often topping the charts in farm verifications and recertifications. Not even a pandemic can keep Mike from meeting and exceeding his yearly goals. Way to go Mike, you deserve it.

Spring Tree Sale 2021


Keep your eyes open. Order forms will be mailed to everyone on our mailing list soon. If you're not sure if you are on the list or would like to be added, please email us at or subscribe on our website at

Newest Projects

  • The Green Lake Watershed Assessment Project is funded through the DNR Fisheries Habitat Grant Program (FHGP). This grant will fund an assessment of Green Lake’s nutrient inputs and create a management plan and nutrient budget to protect and improve the lake’s threatened Cisco Habitat.

  • The Gun River Watershed Management Plan Update is funded by EGLE using Federal Clean Water Act funds. This grant will update the 2009 version of the watershed management plan by assessing the progress made towards watershed goals, finding where recommendations may need to be adjusted, and identifying new concerns.

  • We have partnered with Delta Institute to implement a phosphorus reduction project in priority areas of the Kalamazoo River Watershed. This project will work with local farmers to implement conservation practices that prevent phosphorus runoff into the Kalamazoo River. Funding is provided by EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

  • West Michigan Beach and River Cleanup Coalition. The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council and a coalition of six West Michigan partners will conduct volunteer cleanups at 21 beaches and in 4 rivers and will remove large debris at multiple locations.

  • The National Association of Conservation Districts has awarded us funding for an employee focused on providing technical assistance to those interested in participating in a variety of state and federal conservation programs.

Meet Our New Produce Safety Technician

Photo of Patrick Gordon outside with trees behind him, wearing a plaid button down shirt and ball cap.

Patrick Gordon is a Produce Safety Technician with the Berrien County Conservation District in Southwest Michigan, working primarily with growers in Allegan, Berrien, Kalamazoo, and Van Buren counties. Patrick earned his Master of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with a specialization in environmental analysis and land management from Western Michigan University. He is excited to work with farmers in South West Michigan to improve safety in the agricultural food chain. For more information regarding produce safety, visit Patrick can be reached at or by calling (517) 331-0093.

Upcoming Events

BOARD MEETINGS Third (3rd) Tuesday of the month @ 5:00 pm

Due to COVID-19, meetings will be held via teleconference until further notice. Please email with any questions or concerns.

SPRING TREE SALE Coming soon (April 2021)

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our website for updates!

Allegan Conservation District

1668 Lincoln Road, Allegan MI 49010

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